3D chess game ReviMind® V1

Oleg Lohnes Edition

3D chess game ReviMind® V1

Oleg Lohnes Edition

ReviMind® is the ultimate 3D chess game on 6 levels, for adults and the whole family!

This first version of the ReviMind® 3D chess game was produced twice in series and completely sold out each time. Version 1 is no longer in production, as the new version ReviMind® V2 is already available.

Sold out several times! This version 1 is no longer in production.

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Every thinking process always costs a lot of life energy.

It is no coincidence that the chess game on 6 levels is called ReviMind®.

This unique game from the Oleg Lohnes product line offers an unique opportunity to playfully improve your personal energy management and quality of life.

Improving your personal energy management and quality of life includes improving the following skills, among others: Endurance, high thinking speed, concentration, spatial thinking, mental flexibility, neuroplasticity, constructive problem solving under time pressure and other stress.

If you are seriously interested in the above mentioned improvement, it is recommended that you study the rules of the game properly and play ReviMind® consistently. Thus, after a short time you will notice that you have become a more successful person. As you improve, the desire to play ReviMind® will increase.

3 D chess game of life

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